Art and Cultural Precinct (Arts Centre)

Yarrabah Arts and Cultural Precinct

The Yarrabah Arts and Cultural Precinct (YA&CP) is a dynamic space for local artists to create art, strengthen culture and acknowledge history.
Established in 2002, the Precinct is offering unique Indigenous experiences including the Menmuny Museum, the Yarrabah Arts Centre and a rainforest boardwalk, featuring the beautiful Cairns Fan Palm (guided tour can be requested).

The precinct showcases Aboriginal culture, art, identity and history through authentic handmade pottery, painting, woven baskets, placemats and textiles.
The region’s first Museum, the Menmuny Museum was built in 1996 and hosts a nationally significant historical collection showing the traditions and impact of Christianity on the community. The Museum displays a large amount of Indigenous artefacts, history and local knowledge and is supported, if requested, with a guided tour of the museum. The Museum welcomes and encourages national and international tourists, school students and educational organisations for cultural awareness visits.

The Arts Centre is a dynamic space for local artists to undertake the many local art forms and cultural activities including ceramics, painting, weaving, arts and craft, textiles. Well known for its pottery, the Arts Centre continues to produce outstanding ceramics and is increasing its presence in the Indigenous art scene with a number of exhibitions. The Art Centre continues to increase its national and international profile in the Indigenous market, strengthening local economic development and is available for bookings by the public or community service agencies to engage in or facilitate arts or cultural activity programs.

The Art Centre has a retail outlet and gallery exhibiting locally made art and merchandise for sale to the public as well as the commissioning of works on request. The artists also create artworks to support public art in the Yarrabah Community and the Yarrabah Shire Council.

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Supported through the Australian Government’s Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support program.