Annual Reports

Annual Report 2004-05 Part One

Annual Report 2005-06 Part Two

Annual Report 2006-07 Part One

Annual Report 2006-07 Part Two

Annual Report 2007-08 Part One

Annual Report 2007-08 Part Two

Annual Report 2008-09 Part One

Annual Report 2008-09 Part Two

Annual Report 2009-10

Annual Report 2010-11 Part One

Annual Report 2010-11 Part Two

Annual Report 2011-12

Annual Report 2012-13

Annual Report 2013-14 Part One

Annual Report 2013-14 Part Two

 Annual Report 2014-15 Part One

Annual Report 2014-15 Part Two

Annual Report 2015-16 Part One

Annual Report 2015-16 Part Two

Annual Report 2016-17 Part One

Annual Report 2016-17 Part Two

Annual Report 2016-17 Part Three

Annual Report 2017-18 Part One

Annual Report 2017-18 Part Two


Corporate Plan 2016 – 2021

2018-19 Regulatory Fees and Non Regulatory Fees

2018-19 Council Budget

2018-19 Operational Plan

2013 Disaster Management Plan – Risk Register

2017 Yarrabah Local Disaster Management Plan V2.1

2016 Drinking Water Quality Management Plan

DWQMP Annual Report _2016-2017

Tenancy Management Policy extract from Funding agreement

Certificate of Registration – Community Housing


Acceptable Request Guidelines Policy 2018 S-POL008-V2

Admin Action Complaints Policy 2018 S-POL007-V2

Advertising & Spending Policy 2018 S-POL006-V2

Community Engagement Policy 2018 S-POL012-V1

Community Grant Policy 2018 S-POL003-V1

Debt Policy 2018 S-POL004-V

Entertainment & Hospitality Policy 2018 S-POL014-V1

Investment Policy 2018 S-POL002-V2

Procurement Policy 2018 -V8

Reimbursement of Councillors Expenses 2018 S-POL009-V2

Regulatory Fees and Non Regulatory Fees 2018-19

Related Parties Disclosure Policy 2018

Revenue Policy 2018

Revenue Statement Policy 2018


Application for Road Closures

Confirmation of Aboriginality

YASC Animal registration form 20180329


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