Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council – Logo




The Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council have formally adopted a new logo. The logo was selected as a result of a competition that the Council ran last year.


The successful entrant was Ms. Cassandra Ambrym.


The interpretation of the logo design as told by Cassandra is as follows:


The shield represents the community as a whole.


The black dots inside the shield represent the people, and the red line marking beneath the dots represent the blood line for future generations.


The yellow colour inside the shield represents the future that we can have, by making of right decisions for generations to come.


The line across the centre of the shield, represents the track that we walk on into the future. The dots on both sides of this line represent the people walking side by side in unity.


The three sections within the shield from the left hand side it represents the Past, the right hand side represents the Future in which the community are walking in one direction, side by side.


The five people within the centre, represents the elected local body for our community to make the decisions for the future, which will benefit our community.


The fish in the centre of the circle is a barramundi, it is one of our local seafood which we have lived on over the years, it is found in the coastal waters in the bay of Yarrabah.


The boomerang is used to hold the vision that is represented within the shield. It’s purpose is to throw the message that we speak of, to be the voice for our people. To fight for self determination, and to build our dreams in one vision to be heard as “one voice”.


The Council and Senior Management would like to take this opportunity to thank Cassandra for her inspirational and artistic work that has been put into the production of this logo.


Council also thank all other entrants for their participation in this competition.