2016 Local Government Election Results

It is official
Mayor – Ross Andrews
Councillors – Michael Lanky Sands, Nadine Cannon, Colin Cedric Snr, Ian Patterson
Post Election Meeting will be held at 10.00 am on Monday 4 April, 2016 at the Council Chambers.
Election Results before preferences can be found on the ECQ Website www.ecq.qld.gov.au

Local Government Election 19 March, 2016 – How to Vote

The Queensland local government quadrennial elections will be held on Saturday 19 March 2016. It is compulsory for all enrolled voters to vote in this election.

You can read more about the 2016 local government quadrennial elections at the ECQ website. If you have any questions about the election, call the ECQ Voter’s Helpline on 1300 881 665 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday or between 8am to 6pm on Polling Day, Saturday 19 March.

Where to vote (polling booths)

  • Pre-poll (in person) voting starts on Monday 7 March at Chief Executive Office, Council Administration office, Sawmill Road, Yarrabah. You can pre-poll vote between 9am and 5pm on 14-18 March
  • On Polling Day 19 March, polling booths will open at the Yarrabah State Primary Campus, Noble Drive.


Candidate advertising


Candidates can place election advertising as soon as an election has been announced. All advertising needs to be removed within 7 days of the election being held.


Location and placement


The main consideration when installing election advertising by roadsides is the safety of motorists and pedestrians .It is appreciated if candidates could place their advertising so it doesn’t prevent the maintenance of the area (mowing etc) by placing their ads near other infrastructure.

Advertising should be placed so:

  • Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians have a clear view of traffic
  • Road users aren’t distracted
  • Pedestrians have a clear path
  • It doesn’t create visual clutter
  • Signage cannot be attached to traffic signs or signals or any other council signage or building.


Size and materials 


Election advertising becomes part of the city’s amenity and therefore needs to fit in with the surrounds.


Crime and Corruption Commission information for candidates


The Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) and the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) remind candidates for the 2016 local government election to run an honest campaign. History shows a spike in the number of complaints made to the CCC during local government elections. These complaints can come from a variety of sources including candidates and members of the public. The CCC will treat all genuine complaints confidentially and assess them independently and objectively. However, making baseless complaints to the CCC and then publicising the fact can cause serious reputational damage, including to the person making the complaint. Knowingly making a complaint that is not true can also be a criminal offence.