Annual Reports

Annual Report 2004-05 Part One

Annual Report 2005-06 Part Two

Annual Report 2006-07 Part One

Annual Report 2006-07 Part Two

Annual Report 2007-08 Part One

Annual Report 2007-08 Part Two

Annual Report 2008-09 Part One

Annual Report 2008-09 Part Two

Annual Report 2009-10

Annual Report 2010-11 Part One

Annual Report 2010-11 Part Two

Annual Report 2011-12

Annual Report 2012-13

Annual Report 2013-14 Part One

Annual Report 2013-14 Part Two

 Annual Report 2014-15 Part One

Annual Report 2014-15 Part Two

Annual Report 2015-16 Part One

Annual Report 2015-16 Part Two

Annual Report 2016-17 Part One

Annual Report 2016-17 Part Two

Annual Report 2016-17 Part Three

Annual Report 2017-18 Part One

Annual Report 2017-18 Part Two


Corporate Plan 2016 – 2021

2018-19 Regulatory Fees and Non Regulatory Fees

2018-19 Council Budget

2018-19 Operational Plan

2013 Disaster Management Plan – Risk Register

2017 Yarrabah Local Disaster Management Plan V2.1

2016 Drinking Water Quality Management Plan

YASC DWQMP Annual Report _2016-2017

YASC DWQMP Annual Report 2017-18

RPT 18-10-08 SWIM Annual Report 2017-18

Tenancy Management Policy extract from Funding agreement

Certificate of Registration – Community Housing

Budget 2019 2020 to Council FINAL

Regulatory Fees and Non Regulatory Fees 19-20 FINAL

YASC register of contracts

YASC Register of Contracts 18-19

Current Policies (2018)

Acceptable Request Guidelines Policy

Admin Action Complaints Policy

Advertising & Spending Policy

Community Engagement Policy

Community Grant Policy

Debt Policy 

Entertainment & Hospitality Policy

Investment Policy

Procurement Policy

Reimbursement of Councillors Expenses Policy

Regulatory Fees and Non Regulatory Fees

Related Parties Disclosure Policy

Revenue Policy

Revenue Statement Policy

Investigation Policy

Councillor Conduct

Meeting Procedures


Application for Road Closures

Confirmation of Aboriginality

YASC Animal registration form 20180329

YASC Complaint Form


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