Planning Scheme

Part 1 About the Planning Scheme

Part 2 State Planning Provisions

Part 3 Strategic Framework

Part 4 Priority Infrastructure Plan

Part 5 Levels of assessment and assessment criteria for development

Part 5 Levels of assessment building work

Part 5 Levels of assessment overlays

Part 6 Zones

6.2.1 Residential Zones Category

6.2.2 Centre Zones Category

6.2.3 Recreation zones category

6.2.4 Environmental zones category

6.2.5 Industrial zones category

6.2.6 Other zones category

Part 7 Local Plan

Part 8 Overlays

8.2.1 Acid sulfate soils overlay code

8.2.2 Biodiversity areas overlay code

8.2.3 Bushfire hazard overlay code

8.2.4 Cairns Airport overlay code

8.2.5 Coastal hazard overlay code

8.2.6 Flood hazard overlay code

8.2.7 Landscape heritage overlay code

8.2.8 Landslide hazard overlay code

8.2.9 Waterway corridors and wetlands overlay code

Part 9 Development codes

Part 9.2 Statewide Codes

Part 9.3 Use Codes

Part 9.4 Other development codes

Part 10 Planning Partnerships

Schedule 1 Definitions

Schedule 2 Mapping Map Index

Schedule 2.2 Strategic framework maps

Schedule 2.3 Zone maps

Schedule 2.4 Local plan maps

Schedule 2.5 Overlay maps

OPM 001 Acid Sulphate Soils Overlay

OPM 002 Biodiversity Areas Overlay

OPM 003 Bushfire Risk Overlay

OPM 004 Cairns Airport Overlay

OPM 005 Coastal Hazard Overlay

OPM 006 Flood Hazar Overlay

OPM 007 Landscape Heritage Overlay

OPM 008 Landslide Hazard Overlay

OPM 009 Waterway Corridors Overlay

OPM 010 Wetlands Overlay

Schedule 2.6 Other plans maps

Schedule 3 Priority Infrastructure Plan Mapping and Plans

YPIP 001 Priority Infrastructure Area

YPIP 002 Water Infrastructure

YPIP 003 Sewer Infrastructure

YPIP 004 Stormwater

Schedule 4 Notations Required Under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009

Schedule 5 Land Designated for Community Infrastructure

Schedule 6 Planning Scheme Policies

SC6.2 Planning scheme policy 1 – Heritage places and features

SC6.3 Planning scheme policy 2 – Consultation and owner’s consent in Yarrabah

SC6.4 Planning scheme policy 3 – FNQROC development manual

Appendix 1 Index and Glossary of Abbreviations and Acronyms

Appendix 2 Table of Amendments