Our Elected Members

The Queensland local government election was last held in Yarrabah on 28 March 2020. The post election Special Meeting to swear in the newly-elected Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council was held on Tuesday 21st April 2020. Mayor-elect Ross Andrews and the four elected councillors were sworn in as Yarrabah’s elected representatives for a new four-year term. 

Mayor Ross Andrews

Mayor Ross Andrews has been the serving Mayor since his appointment in 2016.

A former council CEO, he has well developed analytical skills and leadership experience. His term in office currently spans two councils and he has been able to actively link with all levels of government,

A community member, he is active in local programs and is a keen supporter of the Yarrabah Seahawks and mighty Parramatta Eels. Prior to securing office, Ross was a strong advocate for youth – focussing on engagement in the school and support for education as a pathway for a better future.

During his term in office, Mayor Andrews has lead the Yarrabah Leaders Forum, Chaired the Local Disaster Management Group, Chaired the Wugu Nyambil, Deputy chair for the FNQ ROC Road Group, member of the FNQROC Environment Reference group a member of the QLD Business Innovation Reference Group and Australian Government Voice Codesign, FNQ Regional Tourism reference group.



Councillor David Baird

For over 14 years David  served as CEO  for both Gurriny Yealamucka Health Service and Gindaja Indigenous Treatment & Healing Centre ( 7 years each) where he acquired valuable knowledge and skills in governance, executive management and service delivery in these two key Yarrabah organisations.

From 2005 -2010  he served on the Queensland Aboriginal & Islander Health Council (QAIHC) as Director and Treasurer. In 2019 David was Chair of Gurriny Yealamucka Health Service Corporation and is now an active member and director; he is also a member of Gindaja Indigenous Treatment & Healing Centre and the Yarrabah Community Justice Group.

David’s professional approach to work is to stay focused on matters at hand, not to be distracted by personal opinions or judgements that have no importance and commit to personal growth by learning and relearning each day. He supports a healthy work life balance to look after his family.

His inspiration, strength and encouragement are provided to him through his faith in God. From that David believes he can maintain a strong foundation in preparation and management of everything that happens in his life. David’s commitment is to use his, knowledge, skills and positions to help build our community. His motto is to give without complaining or expecting anything in return and to think of others as just as important as yourself.


Councillor Kenneth Jackson

No bio for this councillor received. 



Councillor Lucresia Willett

Lucresia is a local traditional custodian – Gunggandji Gurugulu woman, language name Boadji given to her by her father Vincent Schrieber Snr. Boadji is a shell fish – rough on the outside smooth on the inside and very sharp around the edges – and found in the Yarrabah bay and other coastal areas within the community boundary.

Lucresia has lived in Yarrabah all her life, working in the local government and health sectors. She currently works for Gurriny Yealamucka Health Service Aboriginal Corporation as the Health Promotion Manager.

Lucresia has contributed to many local organisation’s – as a member, board member, director and chairperson. She regularly volunteers her time to coordinate and host numerous community events.

Lucresia is a married mother of six children and grandmother to twelve.

She is passionate about her community and people. As a newly elected councillor of the Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council, she anticipates there will be challenges that lie ahead and hopes to facilitate and contribute to positive improvements; and as a collective find solutions to challenges that occur at local, state and national levels. Lucresia looks forward to serving the community to the best of her ability for the next four years.


Councillor Underwood

Born in Cairns, raised in Yarrabah. Attended school at Yarrabah Primary & Secondary and completed year 11 and 12 at Gordonvale State High School. Brian’s traditional ties to the Community are Yindji, GuguYalanji, Gungandji and Kuku Djungan Man.

Brian is a full time employee of Gindaja Treatment & Healing Indigenous Corporation working with clients who have completed their 12 weeks in Alcohol & Drug Residential Care, providing aftercare assistance and setting new pathways for clients. Brian is a devoted young male, always ready to listen and willing to help those who are struggling in life general, which includes Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Lifestyle, Family/Relationships etc.

Brian is also a Board of Director at Mutkin Aged Care Residential Centre, his role is to address the future need of the aged and frail both in residential care and Community Home care based at a Strategic Level, working closely with other board members and the CEO of Mutkin.

Brian is very passionate in all his dealings, setting good conduct and values upon himself and before him – some of his values are;

  • Culturally secured and Respectful
  • Person, Family and Community Centred
  • Non-Judgemental
  • Grounded in Social & Emotional Health & Wellbeing
  • Flexible and Responsive


Acknowledgement of Country

The Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council (YASC) wishes to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land within the shire boundaries – the Gunggandji and Yidinji peoples; and the area agreements developed through previous negotiations that provide clear opportunities and processes for traditional owners to be formally involved in the land planning process.

The Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council also wishes to acknowledge the historical people brought here to Yarrabah from various locations by government policies of the past.

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