Chief Executive Officer

Leon Yeatman

CEO – Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council between 2000 –2011. CEO – Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council between 2011 – 2017. Commenced as CEO for Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council on 5 August 2019.

An award winning Manager (Australian Institute of Management – Rural Remote Manager QLD 2010) with over 20 years’ experience working in the Indigenous Management Sector (Health & Local Government). Mr. Yeatman spent all of his life working with and for his people.

A current member of the Local Government Managers Association, he has participated in a number of projects and activities to promote leadership and good governance practices. Being part of professional association is like being part of a big family, he said. You get out what you put in… Recently completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors course and proud to be a registered member of this association.

Loves to promote team play when addressing local issues – solutions to local problems that exist. Stakeholders all represent different entities, however when brought together, combine a unique experiences and focus on collective energy into addressing challenges. Problems are just opportunity with a negative coat – our job is to engage with partners and community on effective outcomes and work hard and fast (sometimes slow) to find that sweet taste of success.

Mr. Yeatman has experienced living and working in a variety of setting: urban, discreet and remote communities – worked in organisations ranging from small business, remote local governments,  large indigenous local governments, state based organisations, government enterprises, government department and indigenous health. This experience has afforded him the skills, knowledge and abilities across a variety of management settings. He has been fortunate to test his interpersonal / relation skills, listening abilities, working with diverse groups, project management, systems application (using a wide range of tools), mentoring, work life balance and being a community person.

He has lead teams in various situations and  believe has the application of following core elements: “communication, consistency, empathy, reliability and trustworthiness – ensure personal, team and community goals are recognized, understood and achieved”.

Mr. Yeatman is a family man, married with 4 children and a grandson. Loves camping and fishing.

“I focus on being a positive role model. My approach is remembering lessons from the past, to plan for progress in the future”.

Phone: (07) 4056 9120                Email: leyeatman@yarrabah.qld.gov.au

Personal Assistant: Shanara Andrews (07) 4056 0703.